What to do in the garden this week: tackle ivy

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Take action against ivy during the colder months

Take action against ivy during the colder months Photo: Alamy

Firm roots

Check around the garden for shrubs
(particularly roses)
with wind-rocked roots and tread them gently back into the ground.

Loosen ties

Make sure that ties are not cutting into the bark of young trees, causing
permanent damage.

Clear out ponds

Keep un-netted garden ponds leaf-free. Too much rotting vegetation at the
bottom upsets the natural biology.

Tackle ivy

As invasive ivy stops growing for the winter, sever the main stem and paint
the cut surface with a strong stump-and-root weedkiller.

Protect agapanthus

Take potted evergreen agapanthus (such as A. africanus) into a frost-free
greenhouse or porch. (Hardier hybrids will die down for the winter.)

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